Lots of Robots Volume 1 DVD 
Total Time 2 hours

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"LOR" the movie"
5.1 AC3 Surround
5min 35sec

4min 29sec

Selected Shorts

Animation Tutorials:
3dsmax 5 & After Effect
Procedural Clouds      25min 38sec
Compositing          14min 12sec
Lighting Tip          13min 41sec
Water Worm          11min 37sec
Intro to MaxScript      18min 18sec
LOR Centipede        13min 24sec
LOR Crowd Animation   9min 37sec

DVD_ROM files
3dsmax 5 Scene files
Area Lights
LOR crowd control scripts

This DVD is Region Free and made from a DVD-R format. Some older DVD players have trouble booting this format, but I have tested it in countless players and PCs without problems. All my testers were able to play the DVD. You will need a PC with a DVD in order to access the Scene files and scripts. If you have problems with the DVD-R format, I ask that you please find a compatible player. At this time it's the only format I have available.

Animation Tutorials
Want to learn how I made LOR? Here you can examine in great detail how some of the shots were created. What you will see and hear is me working at my computer and re-creating the effects that most animators have been asking me about.

Here is what you will learn:

Procedural Clouds – Create a sky full of thick 3 dimensional animated clouds using only 3dsmax and no other plugins. Scene files are available on the DVD

Lighting- Learn how to create soft lights and shadowed ambient lighting that renders fast and beautiful without the use of a 3rd party renderer. Scene files and scripted plugins are available on the DVD

Water Worm – Follow along step by step and learn how I made the evil eyeball eating water worm from Rocketpants. Scene files are available on the DVD

Introduction animating with Maxscript
- Learn step by step how to make hundreds of objects animate with a simple script. Scene files and scripts are available on the DVD

LOR Centipede- Examine how I made a robot centipede walk up a tree, jump on to a green birthing pod and coax a baby to excrete itself out into the world… all with Maxscript. Scene files and scripts are available on the DVD

LOR Crowd Animation- In LOR, I created a very complex crowd animation system using Maxscript. It was almost too complex to explain so I put the whole system on the DVD for you to examine and learn from. Scene files and scripts are available on the DVD