Clock                  Andy Murdock
This is s a tune I composed for my new demo reel

LOR soundtrack  
        Andy Murdock

Rocket Pants Theme    b.Mossman, Andy Murdock

Gone Bad Theme         b.Mossman, Andy Murdock

Gone Bad Theme2       b.Mossman, Andy Murdock
   see the Gone Bad Movie

Herecy                          Andy Murdock
This is the first of what I hope will be a large collection of songs. I've spent a great deal of time engineering and producing the music of other artists, now I'm trying to write it myself, and it sure is challenging.

Excellent                       Andy Murdock
This is a tune that got me back into making music. 2 years ago, I got a hold of Sonic Founrdry's Acid, and made this tune in 6 hours. I used this piece for my animation demo reel. If you have Acid, you may recognize some of the sounds. I had so much fun that started buying all kinds of music gear and now I have a nice little studio setup.

As a recording engineer/producer I've worked on or with:
Swell, Todd Rundgren, Kamikaze Ground Crew, Bram Stoker's Dracula, San Francisco Ballet, MCM and the Monster, the Beatnigs, Lucas Arts, Apple, Vegas in Space, Sega Genesis, Foster Farms, Magic Theatre, Soon3, Michael Ward, World Entertainment War, NPR,

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