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Crater Exit shot
May 25 2007 9:30am
Last night right before I faded out, I stumbled across this new look for the Creater Exit Shot. I like this much better and I also feel better about myself and the world in general.
I added a background mountain that I made with Zbrush3 and shaded with fRender. Final Render really worked well here with the dirt shader which I used to mix two cell shaders together. There was no displacement mapping, this was all sculpted in Zbrush and then brought out as an obj to Max. The obj importer in 3dsMax is super slow on big meshes like this 600,000 face object, so I first imported the obj into Maya and then went out FBX to Max, not really sure if the two step process was any faster but that’s how I did it.  
Final Render also gives me a lot more control over the look of the physical sky colors, so it was easy to find nice warm sunset look. I also did some major color tweaks on the comp.