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  April 20 2007
JugJug, ok the name is stupid, but it's never mentioned in the movie, I just needed to name it something memorable. JugJug is an organic sample incubator. He has no means of vision or environment awareness besides temperature and barometric pressure. So he needs to be guided about as he walks, this should be fun to animate.

I didn’t know how much this character was going to appear in the movie, and now I have decided to expand his roll a bit. The model you see here has been improved a little, with some detail added to the top and improved materials. JugJug has also been fitting to Automatron for easy character animation.

The particles in the tank presents a challenge. I need to have a bubble particle system, which I made with particle flow, but the bubble particles need to be locked to the motion of the character as a single object yet internally unaffected by this motion. So here I use a mesher compound object to create a particle mesh output object that can be linked to the character rig. The particle generation system sits [0,0,0] unlinked from the character motion, and is hidden from rendering.

I need to find a simple way to create a liquid motion for the top glass sphere, I think I will try and use a slice mod to cut off the top of the inside liquid surface. The slice gizmo will have it’s rotation look-at a spring object linked to the character motion. This is a similar method to the liquid in the Humming bird.