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  A few notes about Clock.
Clock is the master robot and the first robot created.
All the other robots obey his commands and worship his presence.
Clock was created by LOR to help him with his endeavors.
One of Clocks duties is to help create other robots to serve LOR.
His name is Clock as that was his first function, a clock, LOR just kept adding features to him.

This is the most complicated character that I have ever created. With over 500 separate parts animating this character is difficult. One of the reasons I created Automatron.

Here is a test walk cycle test that I created with the Walktron Loop Editor in Automatron. April 18 2007

Clock’s face is multi layered. The main hood opens to reveal a metal face. That face in turn opens and folds away to reveal the inner working of the brains and whatnot. All the animation events here are controlled via a single ease curve that is in turn controlled by a single animation curve. That gives me the ability to open and close the face with one parameter.

See animation. April 19 2007