Over the years I have written hundreds of MaxScripts. I am going through my collection and turning some of these into usable tools for you, my friends. Please send me any improvements or alterations you may make to these MaxScripts.

-- This script creates a dome of instances spot lights that can simulate sky lighting.

-- Bake camera animation into a new camera. Great for moving cameras from one scene to another without bringing in the camera's parent hierarchy.

-- A simple tool that scans the scene, gives you a list of all the cameras in the scene and lets you choose the camera you want to look through without closing the dialogue box after you make your selection. Simple, yes, I have this script running all the time.

-- Clears all materials from the Material Editor

-- Creates a camera that blends between other cameras. Nice tool for creating complex camera moves. I used this a great deal in LOR.

-- Create an array of objects with real time preview. Use random offsets and additive rotations.

-- This is the tool that I use to name all the objects in a complex rigging. It helps to maintain a more rigid naming protocol.