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Lots of Robots 
is an incredible 3D animated creation myth being entirely created by solo animation and sound artist Andy Murdock (a longtime FmH reader) at home. A new LOR Quicktime and DVD release is out; it can be viewed only several clicks away from the page at this link. LOR, a work in progress, will eventually be a feature length film.

Eric is rad
    The newest version of Lots of Robots is out!
Andy Murdock has added 2min:22sec of a totally rad intro to the beginning and 6min:40sec of the continuing, 2nd installment, bringing the whole saga so far to 14 minutes. I suppose that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but this guy already has a professional 3D-animating day job, so this is all the 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, compositing, and musical scoring all on his own.
    He's also updated his website with all sorts of new information about the new animation and information on how to purchase the accompanying DVD for LOR Volume 2. The great thing about getting the DVD if you're into appreciating the full quality of Andy Murdock's LOR project is that not only do you get the newest installment of LOR in 5.1 AC3 Surround & Stereo, 9:16 Anamorphic quality, but you also get 1 hour and 36 minutes worth of animation and particle effects tutorials. If you're into actually learning how to do this stuff (which I still don't fully know how to do yet), then it makes for a really bargain-priced 3D animation tutorial DVD...
   Seriously, grab a glass of ice water, and after watching the full version of the latest installment of LOR, splash yourself in the face. Then save some water for me, too.
Can you tell that this stuff makes me more than a little giddy?