LOR Volume Three production is now underway. Here is my production diary.

January 5 2005

Quicktime 6meg
The beginnings of the first shot. These mountains are lit with a fRender sky light. Then I bake the lighting into a lightmap texture. This makes the rendering go much faster as well as avoiding any grainy jitter from the skylight. There are 5 layers in this scene so far. I may still remake the mountains in the foreground. I really like the snowy cold feel. I want to have this panning shot feel like I'm starting way up in the cold desolation and end up in the warm greenery. I would like to place some clouds up and around these cold mountains, but I kind of like the clean air as well. Not sure yet.

January 1 2005
 Big Render  Small Render
I have begun to make some new landscapes for LOR V3.
This scene is using fRender for sky lighting. 3 differnent layers.
I still have a series of mountains to place in the far back.