July 18th 2011
For the second year in a row, Andy Murdock of Lots of Robots Inc has been Nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy for OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT IN A CRAFT: GRAPHIC DESIGN & ART DIRECTION with the Film: Journey to an Alien Moon

Dec 25th 2010
owners may download the latest version that is free of copy protection here from the downloads page.

July 22 2010
The Virus Hunters
~ The animation I created for this National Geographic Explorer film has been nominated for an Emmy for OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT IN A CRAFT: GRAPHIC DESIGN & ART DIRECTION
The ceremony is being held in NYC on Sept 27th 2010. I'm going in my wedding tux, if it still fits.

LOR on iTunes. Please support this project by downloading LOR from iTunes, and/or please give it a five star review if you think I deserve it. It really helps.

Dec 31 2009
Best year ever for Lots of Robots INC.
I am now starting work on my 23rd National Geographic Film. Happy New Year to all.

April 21 2009

Lots of Robots is now
Not only am I a person, but a corporate entity as well.

Right now there are many projects underway, and LOTS OF ROBOTS INC is looking to work with talented experienced 3d artists who desire to help educate and entertain the masses with creative science animations for HD television. This year's films will explore crocodiles, volcanoes, dinosaurs, tsunamis, space probes, asteroids and other awesome natural events that most animators dream of being able to animate.

Interested artists, you are:
1. An experienced professional 3d artist with an online resume, reel or image gallery and artist's website.
2. Are skilled in 3dsmax preferred or Maya and After Effects. ZBrush, Mudbox and other support tools are also a big plus.
3. You have your own professional workstation and are able to render HD resolution animations, at home or in your own office space.
4. You have a fast internet connection and are able to deliver online and via post.
5. You love science and researching the best and most beautiful way to tell natures great stories.

After years of working on Films, Games and Corporate animation gigs, these projects have me working harder then ever before, but now I'm always learning something new and feeling proud of the actual subject matter that I am animating.

If you think you fit the bill, please email me at

with the words "My Resume" as the subject.
Please include a link to your online resume, video reel or image gallery and website.
Please include your contact info.
Please do NOT call or send any mailings.

Andy Murdock
Lots of Robots Inc

December 9th 2008

I have been terribly busy for the past nine months working on three films for National Geographic. They will air in early 2009.
Also, My wife and I had a new baby girl, Taylor.
A free version Automatron is in the works as well as my DVD's as podcasts. Once a crack showed up on the torrent forums, sales dropped below where it was not profitable to keep working on the commercial version. I used Automatron extensively to make the three NatGeo films, and added many new features, but they have no real interface.
I'm hoping to find the time to simplify and update this site to focus on the animation that I am creating for television.

Premiering on PBS April 23, 2008 Strange Days on Planet Earth, two new episodes of National Geographic’s series about the unsettling transformations that are sweeping across the planet. I had the honor of personally creating all the computer animation for these new shows. Please tune in.

February 8th 2008
After months of having my head buried in animation gigs, I’m back at working on LOR.

December 2007

I spent the last part of 2007 working on three National Geographic documentaries. The first one premieres on Wednesday, December 19, 2007, at 8PM on the National Geographic Channel. It’s entitled Explorer: Last Christians of Bethlehem”. For this show I created two 3d models of the Church of the Nativity, one that Constantine built and the church that now stands on those ruins.
The next two shows are from the ‘Strange Days on Planet Earth’ series starring Edward Norton and will be shown in 2008, details to follow.

September 2007

Lots of Robots has been working on several National Geographic documentaries to be seen in 2008. More details to follow.

August 7th 2007
Going to San Diego Siggraph? Meet me there at the Cebas Booth for my fRender demo at 3:50pm, then check out my ‘Making a 3d Short’ Masters Class at 5:30pm.

June 28 2007
LOR on IMDB, after years of banging on the IMDB entry form, I finally have LOR in the database. I submitted a great deal of data in order to have LOR accepted, yet all the Film Festival Awards, reviews and whatnot don’t appear, go figure.

June 15 2007

LOR~Volume Three production is underway. Check out the LORbLOG for updates!!!

May 24 2007
I have been nominated for the Autodesk Masters program. I think inductees get a jacket, a hat and a jetpack. I feel honored to have my name mixed in with all those other awesome animators and 3d wizards.
Also, I’ll be teaching a class at this summer’s San Diego Siggraph. This year it won’t be such a technical snoozefest, but more focused on how to make a 3d animated short. Creative and technical challenges will be discussed. Details to follow...

May 2 2007
LORbLOG ~ All new LOR daily production diary now online.

December 8th 2006
I rendered up a New Poster Image for Automatron

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