Lots of Robots DVD Volume Two: Animations

"LOR" the movie"
5.1 AC3 Surround & Stereo
Standard Letterbox & 9:16 Anamorphic
14 minutes

Animation Tutorials:
1 hour 36 minutes

Total Running Time: 1 hour 51 minutes

Animation Tutorials
3dsmax 6
Character Rigging

    Foot systems-8min 8sec
    Animated Parenting-
    Hand Skeleton-
9min 45sec
    Facial Animation-
12min 37sec
    Skeleton Control-
13min 41sec
   These character rigging tutorials are all about making the animation process faster and easier. I focus on using wire parameters, list and reaction controllers to control large amounts of objects from one central morph slider set. Also we learn how to make a morph target face kit and how to morph one small part a larger single skin mesh object. We also learn how to control a complex hand skeleton and set IK targeting of each finger quickly. I include some great 3dsmax scene files including the robot hand from "LOR", all set up and ready for you to hack into your own scenes.

Afterburn and a little Particle Flow

    Afterburn Overview -9min 49sec
    Smoke Trails -
12min 32sec
    Mushroom Cloud -
8min 30sec
    Galaxy -
15min 32sec
    Assorted Abstract Art -
1min 32sec
Afterburn and Particle Flow scenes will need for you to download a demo version of Afterburn from Turbosquid.com. Afterburn is the most awesome plugin for 3dsmax. I'm not trying to be a salesmen here, but this single plugin accounted for about 50% of my income last year, and it's in almost every scene of "LOR".

DVD_ROM files
3dsmax 6 Scene files - 53 scenes, movies and Maxscripts
* These files can be found on the root of the DVD