Dec 16 2004
I received LOR yesterday (vol I & II) and I put it in my DVD player at once. I viewed it on a 100 inch screen with my Sanyo projector and it looked absolutely stunning. The soundtrack in surround sound was terrific. I really enjoy your magical sounding score. I also looked at all the shorts and tutorials, went through the whole thing on the spot (the dog sequences are so funny).
What I am really amazed over is the fact that you are so technically accomplished and yet manages to combine this with an artistic skill that is, quite frankly astonishing. I think this is a very rare combination and I congratulate you for this. I will spread the word about your DVDs so that you can continue with your efforts and bring the LOR saga to new levels.

I am a member of a Swedish 3D community on a web forum called animate.se. I will post my review of your work there and urge as many as possible to purchase your DVDs.
Sincerely, Pontus :)

Dec 16 2004
What a great surprise to get the LOR DVD so quickly! I stayed up way too late last night watching it. The tutorials are great and have helped me understand some things which will really help me in the future.
I hope the sales go well and you are able to continue the project.
Give Pikka a hug for me. She's such a sweet dog. The part where Pikka tries to play in her water dish really made me laugh!
Thank for making a wonderful DVD!
Take care Andy.
Frank Tromble
Hobart, IN.