Lots of Robots DVD Volume Two: Animations

"LOR" the movie"
5.1 AC3 Surround & Stereo
Standard Letterbox & 9:16 Anamorphic
14 minutes

Animation Tutorials:
1 Hour 36 minutes

Total Running Time: 1 hour 51 minutes

    In this second DVD release, LOR, the movie, has grown on both ends. A new beginning sequence was needed to bring us into the world of LOR with a bang. I tried to answer the many questions I had about where we were in the universe. I have in the process of answering these questions... created more. That's what makes it so fun.
What happens to the robot pelican and the pod baby after the hypnotic dance of the mischievous little walking balls. We find out here and also meet some new characters who take us deeper into the world of LOR.
I have had this entire 14 minutes of animation stuck in my head for 3 years, so it feels real good to finally get the first part if the story complete. I hope you enjoy it. There is much more to follow. I have some crazy ideas of where this is going.