Lots of Robots DVD Volume Two - Released November 2004

   This is the second release of a series of DVDs that will chronicle the creation of the animated story entitled "LOR". The "LOR" movie has grown and there are new animation tutorials. The "LOR" story is getting stranger and yet no where near as bizarre as it's going to get in Volume Three. There are new animation tutorials that represent some of what Volume One customers have been asking for and deal with what techniques I thought were most helpful to me in creating LOR Volume Two.

   On a personal note, I had hoped to have this DVD finished sooner, but sometimes life gets in the way, and this time in a really good way. This year I got married and started living in a new way in a new home with a new Lots of Robots studio.

   The sale of these DVDs goes directly to funding this project, "LOR", which as far as I know will be the first 3d animated feature to be created by just one person. So with a crew of one and a budget in the tens of thousands, I hope to prove that not every animated story needs corporate approval and big name movie stars to make it to your screen.

   I am just one artist not a corporation, so if you like what you see and want to see more, then please help me make this project come to life by purchasing this DVD.

Andy Murdock

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