Happy Customer Reviews

I've been watching all the stuff on your DVD and I have to say that your are truly the master of your domain. I was very inspired and elated by all the great stuff.
   I had only really seen the new LOR movie on the web, but seeing it fullscreen with surround audio is a hundred thousand million times more beautiful. I especially appreciate the quality and care that you have put into the production of your tutorials. Not only does it show what's in that big brain of yours, it shows what's in your heart. And what surreal and marvelous place it is!
   I honestly and sincerely think that the DVD is a really great accomplishment through and through. Congratulations and I hope that it's success affords you the opportunity to make more! 

   --Goose Ramirez, long time friend and super-talented character animator

   Just got the LOR DVD here in the UK.
   So far I've only had time to watch the LOR movie - which looks even better
on TV than downloaded... then I thought I'd play one of the tutorials and see what it was like, I watched one - clouds - This tutorial was worth the price of admission alone. You did things that I've never seen before or realized could be done, like adjusting the noise texture with the output curve. By the end of the tutorial there was so much cool new (to me) stuff that I'll have to watch it over again and again.
   This is a brilliant DVD and I wish you every success at Sundance.
Looking forward to the next one

   --Garry Clarke

    First let me said that you have done a great job on the DVD. I really enjoy your work and I'm telling all of my friends in Puerto Rico and Latino America about your site and DVD. I hope you have more copies, I receive mine yesterday.
   I have to complement you on the Architecture in your movie. I am an Architect working in Chicago and I use your short to discuss the importance of depth of field with my colleges. I hope we can see more of this wonderful architecture that complemented so well your characters in the future.

   --Heriberto Morales

   It just walked through the door and into my grubby little hands.Watched the LOR part, and if you thought it looked nice as a mov, then you'll love the DVD quality.
   Everyone support him, and make it so he gets the next part out. Andy, top notch stuff, and I can't wait for the second DVD.


   Thanks mucho for your DVD.  It looks so real!  My seven year old saw the online version from your site a while ago.  When I played it again from the DVD, he narrated the whole thing to his friend setting up each scene as “the best part”.

   --Drew Takahashi, Funjacket Enterprises

   Ok, how did you do it? I order on Friday afternoon in the UK and it arrived this morning. For me that's a record from the states.
   Only looked at Rocket Pants and the centipede tutorial so far (I'm suposed to be working), excellent stuff. I'm feeling myself compelled to watch more right now and sod work.
   When's the next DVD? I want a collection. 


    Bloody well done! The DVD is fab. I watched rocket pants online and was quite impressed, but LOR on DVD was...well...quite beautiful. You've seemlessly merged the mechanical with the natural and your attention to detail in this regard just brings a freakin huge smile to my face. One example being the way the flower stimulates the humming bird into action, it didn't just press a button, it kind of rubbed it a couple of times.
I can't imagine the effort you've put into this, it's clearly a work from the heart.
By the way, my four year old son agrees, he loves LOR, especially the (in his words) "robot caterpillar" and "robot eggs with legs".
Please carry on. You have to finish this film.
Finally, I just wanted to say that you have inspired me, perhaps not to get into 3d animation, but to create and publish. The world needs stuff from people not corporations.
I wish you all the best
  -- Nige' (and Toby)
   Great short! Really fantastic. But the tutorials are what convinced me to buy the DVD. I wish there were more MAX tutorials like these.
  --Richard Keating
   Today I received the DVD :) Congratulations for you work, is amazing and the best, the tutorials about composition, fantastic.
When the second part :D je je ??
   Thanks for the DVD, Andy. I really look forward to seeing it once it is hear. Aside from my own personal enjoyment, I plan on reviewing it as training material for my school library, since I teach at the Art Institute of Colorado. If it's as good as I have been hearing on the Discreet forums, I will recommend we purchase several copies. Thanks
   I received my DVD a few days ago and I wanted to write and tell you ... I think it's excellent. :O) Thanks for making it available. The tutorials are going to be really helpful. And I can't wait for Volume 2. You are incredibly talented. Your DVD is great because it provides instruction, entertainment and inspiration.
Best Wishes,
  --William (Bill) Neumann
   First let me say that I saw your DVD not long ago in Bryce Camp. It was incredible - so incredible in fact that it inspired me to pursue a career in animation even though I have no previous experience in the field. Thanks to you, I’m learning 3DS Max, Maya and a host of other 3D apps. I now have my own website and have actually sold some digital products I developed for Bryce. I started out learning Bryce so I could use it for short animations as part of website development. Now I have nearly abandoned website development for animation and 3D modeling. I absolutely love what I do! I am so in to this that on a recent trip to see LOTR, The Two Towers, I was barred from saying anything about 3D animation or modeling until the end of the movie. Thanks for the jaw dropping inspiration!

Now, the second reason for this e-mail. I don’t have a credit card. Is there another outlet for your LOR movie other than Yahoo which only seems to accept credit cards as payment? I’d like to purchase LOR using Paypal or with a check or money order. Help!

May you have much continued success with your work.

Best Regards,

Kerry Cutler