Lots of Robots DVD Volume One: Animations

"LOR" the movie"
5.1 AC3 Surround & Stereo
5 minutes 35 seconds

4 minutes 29 seconds

Selected Shorts

Animation Tutorials:
1 Hour 45 minutes

Total Running Time:2 hours

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Lots of Robots DVD Volume One


Rocketpants was my first animated short with a story. Most of this animation was created after hours during the summer of 2000. Barney Jones, my dear friend, handed me the beautiful musical composition, b.mossman and I had a fantastic time making the theme song, and Jim Lively gave the animation great punch and atmosphere with his sound design. It was a few very stressful months, but in the end Rocketpants got into Sundance, res-Fest and a few other film festivals. What I discovered is that I really enjoyed making my own animation, if I could just find a way to make my movies without all the headaches of office politics and bureaucracy. What followed was LOR being made at my home on my gear.