Lots of Robots DVD Volume One: Animations

"LOR" the movie"
5.1 AC3 Surround & Stereo
5 minutes 35 seconds

4 minutes 29 seconds

Selected Shorts

Animation Tutorials:
1 Hour 45 minutes

Total Running Time: 2 hours

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Lots of Robots DVD Volume One

"LOR" is a creation myth. It’s a story of incredible deeds done long ago before any one can remember, except me of course. LOR is also the name of the creator of life on Earth. LOR's passion is to create life, and we get to see all the little details that go into this process. We don't get to see LOR until Volume Three, that's just how the story goes. We do get to meet the first human specimen, and through his eyes we will eventually find out what is like to really meet your maker.