"LOR" is different. I see "LOR" as both a musical piece and an animated story. I have not completely decided yet, but it maybe that there will be no spoken words in "LOR". One reason is, I really like the idea that no matter what language you speak, all will experience the same movie with no loss in translation. Also, this is a very long project, and finding a voice actor to work for cheap and be around for the duration of the project makes me think it would not be a good idea to have speaking parts. So, can I tell a story without spoken words? Yes I can. For some reason, people watch "LOR" over an over and over. I don't think that would be the case if there were spoken word elements in the character acting. I want people to enjoy "LOR over and over, like they would a favorite album.
      So, thanks for reading my mission statement, and I'll leave you with this one thought. I am not a corporation or even a company, just on man on a mission to make a movie and tell a story. Please buy my DVD and help me make it happen.
Andy Murdock