To fund the "LOR" project, I will make a series of DVDs showing the ever growing film and also video tutorials that will teach animators and animation fans how I make all the little details that go into "LOR". These tutorials aren't the kind simplistic 'behind the scenes' extras that you will usually see on a Hollywood movie release. The Lots of Robots DVDs will contain real step by step tutorials on how to create and animate the kind of work you see in the film. Also, scene files, animation scripts and other goodies will be sitting on the DVD.
   The only way I can get his project completed is with the help of people like you. When you buy a Lots of Robots DVD, that money goes right in to helping me make the movie. I buy computers, software, hard drives... some many hard drives, and most of all, Time. The more DVDs I sell the more time I have to work on "LOR" and not so much contract work, which I also love doing by the way, call me... we'll talk.
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